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Latitude Magazine

December/January 2015

Like all Cantabrians, the events of 22 February 2011 left Melanie with much to be thankful for. She recalls being huddled under a table in the old post office building in Cathedral Square during the earthquake, visibility impaired in the room by thick dust as the Cathedral crashed to the ground outside. Especially poignant for Melanie following that day, were the random acts of kindness of strangers. "It was like a new form of currency in Christchurch. Somehow with our walls being taken away, our inhibitions went too. Even the smallest of gestures could really get you through your day." > Read more...




On MAS - Quarterly Magazine for Medical Assurance Society

Autumn 2013





Milestones - October 2012
Review by Marriage & Funeral Celebrant Lyn Nikiloff

As a celebrant I am always looking for resources that can be used in my work. I was therefore delighted when a family member sent me this book, thinking I might find it useful.

In the opening pages of Goodbye: for times of sadness and loss the author writes: “Sometimes another person can put into words the feelings we are unable to express ourselves.

Goodbye: for times of sadness and loss has bloomed, like the poppies at Flanders, from personal sadness and loss amidst the earthquake scarred landscape of Christchurch.

Goodbye: for times of sadness and loss is a very personal compilation of inspirational words that have given meaning to the author’s journey of sadness and loss. And the words are supported by beautiful photographs, many taken while on a family trip to Europe, which in itself is where the poignancy of the book is posited: the author’s marriage has since ended.




Westpac Trust - Love Red - Quarterly Magazine

Summer 2012




Christchurch Press - Good Living Supplement

27 September 2012


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CTV - Canterbury Television Breakfast Interview

August 2012