I love to frame moments in time, with my eye, with my camera. It has become a ritual of sorts – an active meditation that flows through my life. From gorgeous French nooks, cosy Croatian crannies, and far flung places like Colombia and the Galapagos Islands to the wilds of our own beautiful country I am continuously inspired by what I see and challenged to do it justice with my camera.

green orange yellow
red white blue
people journeys textures

I often group my pictures in albums by colour. Some places seem to be more one colour than another. Like a ladybird, London was the shiny red of buses and phone boxes with the black dots of suits and taxi-cabs. In the south of France cheesey yellows bloomed in a summer already bright with sunflowers. The vivid greens of fresh limes and peeling paint in Colombia seemed wild and untamed after the luminous blues of The Maldives and chalky hues of the Greek Islands.

Images are available for sale. They are printed onto archive parchment and are unframed.  Please contact us for sizing and pricing.