Like Mark Twain who said ‘I can live for two months on a good compliment,’ I love to have my creations acknowledged and treasured.

Below are some of the letters I’ve received from readers. These moments of connection are always a surprise and a delight, curving even the dullest of days into a smile.  

It was a delicious shock and an unexpected honour to receive recognition on the world stage when Thank You; Living in Gratitude won the Gift, Specialty & Keepsake Category at the 2014 Living Now Book Awards in America. Each year the awards celebrate innovation and creativity in books that enhance the quality of life. The winning books can help readers attain healthier, more fulfilling, and productive lives. Among the other gold medal winners was someone I have long admired, spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson [her book  ‘A Year of Miracles’ came first equal in the Spirituality Category].



The beginnings of the ThankYou Book sprung from the ending of the Goodbye Book. I emerged from the most devastating of the Canterbury earthquakes in 2012, unscathed and brimming with gratitude keen to do something to help rebuild our city. After months of aftershocks that left many of us off-balance, I noticed that kind gestures between strangers had become a new currency here. To maintain and build on this new energy I created the ThankYou Project; I produced a simple thankyou-themed postcard and gave away 10,000 via libraries, cafes, hairdressers, etc,.. The book has been designed to further promote the value of gratitude and extend the reach of the ThankYou Project. View Facebook for more on my colour-filled journey.




Melanie Mason has created a delightful and important book. Visually delicious, the message it carries reminds us how life-transforming a simple feeling of gratitude can be. The act of being thankful reconnects us to our essential being. It generates a feeling of happiness that nothing else can. Take a look at the wonderful photographs within...

Leslie Kenton, Award-winning writer, broadcaster and teacher


A little while ago my dear friends gave me the gift of your new book, Thankyou. What a joy it is, to hold and to behold. Lovely in dimension, rich in colour, gorgeous and generous and nourishing in sentiment, inspired and inspiring in its simplicity. Gratitude is the most uplifting, blessing and healing energy to live in...

Jane Catherine Severn, Luna House


I have had a wonderful few hours this afternoon with a freshly ground cup of coffee and an Amazing Book that took me on a colourful tour of the globe. What a feast! Love the colour breakdowns; it made the journey edible in a whole new way. It also transformed my static state to being a positive life force again. Your creative productions are a huge achievement and you should be really proud of yourself.

Margaret Ninness, Soul Design


What a beautiful publication - I showed my writing class who all oohed and ahhed.- everything works so splendidly. You must be proud. Warmest regards,
Grant Hindin Miller

Creative writing tutor, author and scriptwriter



Your Thank you book is a marvellous achievement. I think the pictures are wonderful and they fit very well with the text.  It is very beautifully created and you deserve to have a great deal of success with it.
Jenny Haworth

Wily Publications Ltd



Angela Wright-Stow

Little River Gallery



We have read both Thank You and Goodbye from cover to cover over the past week and absolutely love it; the essence behind the words, the words, and the ground from which those heartfelt sharings originate is life changing.
Pauline and Shubha

Co-Heads of Nova Montessori School




Working on a book is for the most part a solitary and intimate process. In my case it was also a lengthy one; it took me over four years to complete Goodbye and birth it into the world. While I loved the journey wholeheartedly and found it cathartic and healing on many levels, I never really knew if the book would be met with approval once it was ‘out’. It is inspiring and humbling [and a great relief] to know that the words and pictures have been well received by those it was created for.

One of the loveliest and unexpected surprises of publishing Goodbye has been the letters I have received about it. From the bereaved themselves, and also from their caregivers; the counsellors, therapists, celebrants and funeral directors:




Goodbye: for times of sadness & loss’ has something to comfort, encourage and inspire anyone who is grieving… or anyone who has ever experienced loss, which is of course all of us. Its thoughtful texts and beautiful photographs are gathered from all over the world. They are wide ranging enough to address the equally wide range of losses that are part of being human. It is a wonderful book to ‘dip’ into, and every dip reveals another treasure. I recommend it both for grieving people and for those who support them.

Lois Tonkin, Grief Counsellor, Educator and Writer


Wow! First reaction! Thank you for sending your beautiful book for me to review and add as a resource to our website. Your book is a treasure, a taonga. I am sure there will be many people who will appreciate your beautiful photographs and carefully chosen words, especially those having experienced grief or loss.

Carrie Dean, NALAG [National Association for Loss and Grief]


The book is exquisite and as a celebrant I can see that grieving families would find it a source of comfort and inspiration. And as painful as your journey has been, it has given you an understanding of grief and in so doing given this beautiful book to fruition. Well done!

Lyn Nikoloff, Marriage & Funeral Celebrant | Member of Celebrants’ Assn. NZ


Wow wow and wow again. Your work is fantastic, love it all. Well done, I can’t believe what I have just read and seen. What talent and wisdom. Congratulations I will certainly be telling people about you and your work

Ken Smith, Managing Director, Alkaway NZ


I often suggest to clients that as they hold the book and think about their loved one, they open it to a page at random; the words and images they have ‘chosen’ invite peaceful contemplation. Clients are genuinely touched by the gift, and feedback has been very positive. I think this lovely book will linger on coffee tables long after the flowers have faded.

Peter Shaw, Palmer Funeral Services, Christchurch, NZ


I wanted to send a small gift to comfort my cousin. I decided that your book would fit the purpose. Today I received the following note from her:

“Thank you for the simply wonderful book you so kindly sent me….Its a book I really love and is much needed by me, as I turn pages to read and sit and think, each time I look at it I see more, it is soothing to look at...” So... I just wanted to let you know how much your book means to people.

Kind regards Lyn


I saw you on CTV last night – I have just recently lost my mother – aged 82 but I was incredibly close to her and I miss her so much and am finding it hard to deal with so I’m hoping reading your book will help in some small way.

Thanks, Vicky


Just a note to say thankyou so much for the book it is fabulous. The text is so apt and varied and the photos are just simply stunning! All in all it is so professionally and caringly compiled.

Much appreciated, Sarndra



Thank you so much for the books I was thrilled to get them. You are truly inspirational and these books will be helpful to so many of the children and families I work with.

Kind Regards, Jane


I just wanted to let you know I poured over your Goodbye Book last night read every quote and drank in the photography. I love it.