My Philosphy

To be alive is to be creative Every exhale is a moment of creation. This very instant is a new opportunity, holding an invitation to reinvent ourselves, start anew, try something different, or dive even deeper.

BE – the inward , the inhale

heart Be Heart-centred
Develop a spiritual practise that is meaningful to you. It might be monthly, weekly or daily. It might be amongst animals, in nature, or in silence. Practise tuning in to the wisdom of your heart. Listen to the whispers. Trust your intuition and begin to act on it.
heart Be Yourself
To be yourself you have to first know yourself. Who are you? What makes your heart sing? If no one were watching, and money were no object what would you truly love to spend your life doing? Begin to unwrap the layers and discover the gift of who you really are.
heart Be Grateful
Live in gratitude, say thankyou, and be grateful. Meister Eckhart said ‘if you say one prayer your whole life, thankyou would be enough.’ When we are feeling grateful or showing appreciation we shift the focus from ourselves and the world within – to others and the world around us.
heart Be Present
This moment is all there is. It is the point of existence. When we are able to bring our attention to the present moment – we can stop reliving past mistakes and stop worrying about things that may never happen. An easy way to become more grounded and in-the-moment is to engage the five senses, asking ourselves; what can I smell? What can I hear? Taste? Feel? See?
heart Be Connected
Tennyson said ‘I am a part of all that I have met’. Nurture an awareness for the interconnectedness of all things. Who am I in relationship to my family? To my friends? To my community? How do I treat the people I come in contact with in my day-to-day living? On the phone and on the road? Is the world a better place for my being in it? As I travel through life am I leaving warmth and smiles in my wake?
heart Be passionate
‘Do not ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive. Then go out and do that...because the world needs people who have come alive’ [Unknown]. Live with intention, be bold and courageous, and make the most of your one wild and precious life.


DO– the outward, the exhale

heart Do involve all of your senses
Become more senseful  - be aware of all your senses and practise engaging each of them. Enrich your world with colour, scent, sound and flavour.
heart Do create your own rituals
Borrow, build and shape your own traditions and ceremonies to celebrate moments that matter with the people you love. Develop your own words, language, and symbols.
heart Do make mistakes
It’s OK to make mistakes. Let go of any feelings that you have to get it right first time. Being afraid of getting it wrong, or messing it up can stop us from even getting started. Take risks, play, explore, and experiment. Try-on and cast-off, try again.  Sometimes we might even need to break something in order to begin the creative process. That’s OK too.
heart Do embrace the idea that every act can be a creative one
To live your life with artistry, develop the habit of seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary. Akia Morita said ‘Curiosity is the key to creativity.’
heart Do reframe problems to be opportunities
Churchill said ‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.’ To look for an opportunity within a crisis requires a shift in perspective – a willingness to consider that there may be more than one right answer to a problem
heart Do work on your technique; get lessons, go to classes
Get lessons, go to classes. Be open to learning throughout your life. Upskill so that your creative bursts have a pathway for their expression.