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‘i am thankful’ has a sweet green scent. Citrus notes of Bergamot are blended with sensual Ylang Ylang. Precious Galbanum Oil adds throaty depths of wood and incense. Uplifting and expansive, while at the same time grounding and centering.

• 100% natural soy wax

• Hand-poured in small batches

• Hand finished labels

• Individually blessed

• Contains Galbanum Oil*

• Contains Essence of Gratitude*


45 ml - small size


150 ml - medium size


Candle ingredients

Contains Only Goodness

I created the ‘i am thankful’ candle to help shift consciousness; in myself, in the world. Each candle is full of blessings for you to ignite and release. Untie the string to unwrap the label and reveal a gratitude blessing and mantra on the inside. Use in ceremony or as part of a meditation ritual.

Everything about this candle is handcrafted and lovingly made. From trimming and placing the wick, to measuring and mixing the scents and oils. At Love Light Soy Candles liquid wax is hand-poured and slowly turns opaque as it cools. The air is rich with perfume as I arrive to pick up my filled jars. Once home, making the labels takes several hours; the cutting, folding and tying is much like origami and becomes a meditation of sorts. Because the candles are handmade in very small batches, they are not available in shops. They are only on offer through my website.

*Galbanum oil was used by ancient Egyptian royalty to enhance meditation. It is both grounding and uplifting, and adds a wonderful base note to the candle’s fragrance.

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