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Hard Cover

60 pages

Size: 15.5 x 15.5 cm

Price: $24.90

Little Love Letters is a warm and colourful guide to encourage written conversations between parents and their children. Mason promotes the idea of setting up an indoor letterbox as the hub for this exchange.
I love getting letters from my children; their scrunchy hand-writing, their disarming honesty, a little of themselves in every page. In our family, writing letters to each other is now a wonderful tradition. It has become a way of relating, sharing and connecting that began when the children were young and has since flowed into their teenage years.

Writing letters to each other allows for deeper conversations to emerge beneath the verbal exchanges of everyday life  – often with entertaining results. Letters to and from her children, as well as photographs and hand-drawn illustrations bring the book to life, making it easy to dip into for ideas and inspiration.

Photographs and illustrations by author  


Little Love Letters is a colourful, imaginative, and also meaningful process; something to assist relationship building and family dynamics.

Grant Hindin-Miller



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