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30 pages

Size: A4

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Self-help, marketing

Marketing Your Masterpiece is a 10-Step easy to follow marketing guide for writers who want to self-publish.

The guide challenges authors to see beyond the writing and look at the whole book production process as a creative undertaking. From conception, to prototyping, market testing, production, to sales & marketing, PR and beyond. This is whole brain, whole heart decompartmentalised thinking and feeling. It’s a little scary to start with and then as you start to feel the energy building around you and the work, you can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Marketing is an important part of getting your masterpiece noticed and sold. Done well it weaves the whole project together, giving you perspective, engaging your audience and building interest in your work.

This e-book will give you plenty of workable ideas and will also help you to consider how much work is involved in promoting and selling your books, and to decide ahead of time (before you print them) how much time and energy you are willing to commit to the process.

I am often asked what I do to get my books noticed and sold. This is the workshop I created in response.

Illustrations by Lynne McAra


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