Handwithdove-iconWhen we say thank you and really mean it, we are acknowledging and celebrating a moment of connection that is felt beyond words and treasured in the timelessness of our hearts.

Saying thankyou and feeling gratitude changes our frequency into a more expansive state. All we have to do is shift our attention from seeking thanks to feeling thankful and expressing gratitude. The more we give thanks, the more gratitude we feel, and the more acts of kindness we create.


I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already heard about the value of a thank you – the message is older than memory and its value has been appreciated across the centuries. More than 2000 years ago Roman philosopher and statesman Cicero said, ‘A thankful heart was not only the greatest virtue but the parent of all the others’. While 700 years ago German philosopher and mystic Meister Eckhart said, ‘If we say one prayer during our entire life thank you would be enough’. From the east we’ve learned to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, while in the west we’ve practised counting our blessings, many of us since Sunday school days. To this day practising gratitude has increasingly become regarded to be one of the cornerstones of living a happy and fulfilling life, and it now a current topic of scientific research.


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When we are in a state of thankfulness we are more creative, physically healthier, more harmonious in our home, work and community environments. When we are more appreciative of the goodness in the world and the gifts that surround us every day - our relationships improve. Gratitude is an empowering step towards mindfulness and has the potential to bring deep peace to our daily lives.


I truly believe that this one word can change the world. It starts with each of us becoming more aware of what we already have, and creating our own culture of kindness where we are willing to say thanks to the people around us everyday for what we love and appreciate. If we are willing to immerse ourselves in thanks, we can join the world in gratitude.