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Receive a beautiful set of wallet-size thankyou cards in the mail. I’ll send them to you at no cost; I just ask that you pay-it-forward by passing out your thankyou cards to friends or strangers, when you see or receive a kindness.





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Thank you for the sample of gratitude cards. I have used 2 today. The first went into the garage as thank you to a superb mechanic who gave generous knowledge and assistance. The receptionist took the card for him and read it with feeling. I guess the card will be discussed at morning tea, and at home.

It does take courage to do this but in the doing there is a profound spiritual moment (at least that was for me) so I acknowledge the potency of the cards. If others connected to their spirit at that moment it would be wonderful.

- Carol, Christchurch


Shakey Start - Ripples of Gratitude

Thankyou Project began in 2011, amongst the 10,000+ earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand.  It’s purpose is to inspire and encourage thankfulness - even in the midst of change or difficulty. It is a non-profit or ‘for-purpose’ arrangement privately funded from sales of Thankyou Book.

I believe that gratitude allows good things to happen. Real gratitude is good for our health and can improve all our relationships! Thankful people are healthier, happier, and more creative. By being grateful we can enjoy more harmony in our home, work and community environments. Gratitude is an empowering step towards mindfulness and has the potential to bring deep peace to our daily lives.

When we live in gratitude we make the world a kinder place. William James said ‘the deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated’......let’s do that for each other. With thanks.


Gratitude invites the recognition of what’s good
even in the midst of change and difficulty
- Raman Pascha


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